Robbins Geller: The Number One “Bad-Ass” Trial Firm

January 27, 2017

In her January 25, 2017 article discussing the results of a hot-off-the-presses NERA Economic Consulting report analyzing securities litigation, The AmLaw Litigation Daily reporter Jenna Greene singles out Robbins Geller as the top firm on her “bad-ass honor roll.”  Greene gives  “kudos” to the Firm for standing out among its competitors both for taking more cases to trial and for achieving much larger results.  Greene notes that Robbins Geller is among a small group of firms that “aren’t just bluffing when they say ‘We’ll see you in court.’”

The Firm’s willingness and ability to shoulder the burden of sustained litigation and see a case through on behalf of its clients is reflected in the trial and success in the Household/HSBC case. Robbins Geller obtained a jury verdict in favor of the shareholder class in 2009.  After that verdict was reversed in part and remanded, the Firm was prepared to try the case again in June 2016, reaching a $1.575 billion settlement just hours before a second jury was set to be selected.

Household ranks number one in NERA’s Top 10 2016 Securities Class Action Settlements list and is featured in the report along with the Firm’s Goldman Sachs ($272 million recovery) and HCA Holdings, Inc. ($215 million recovery) cases. Robbins Geller is the only firm to have multiple cases on the Top 10 list and to have served as sole lead counsel in each. With record-breaking recoveries tied to a proven willingness and ability to handle cases as sole lead counsel through trial and appeals, it is not surprising that Robbins Geller tops the list of “bad-ass” firms.

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