Portfolio Monitoring Program®

Robbins Geller developed the first-of-its-kind portfolio monitoring service for institutional investors. Managed by an in-house team of professionals, including analysts and accountants, the complimentary service provides comprehensive monitoring of securities, bonds and other investments. The Portfolio Monitoring Program® tracks securities transactions, analyzes losses and alerts clients promptly when losses may be attributable to fraud or other violations of securities laws. The program provides comprehensive global solutions for sophisticated institutional investors, and enables clients to make timely, well-informed decisions about how to optimize recoveries for losses suffered in connection with securities litigation in the United States and around the world.

Robbins Geller’s Portfolio Monitoring Program® offers superior benefits, including:

Simply stated, Robbins Geller’s Portfolio Monitoring Program® provides an effective and timely mechanism to identify, report on, assess, evaluate and litigate global securities cases.

To learn more about the Portfolio Monitoring Program®, contact David C. Walton.

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