Robbins Geller Partners Aelish Baig and Jessica Shinnefield Recognized as “Born Leaders” and Plaintiffs’ Lawyers Trailblazers by The National Law Journal

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May 4, 2021

The National Law Journal released its annual Plaintiffs’ Lawyers Trailblazers list, honoring Robbins Geller partners Aelish Marie Baig and Jessica T. Shinnefield. The publication noted that Aelish and Jessica are “born leaders” who continue to “make their mark in various aspects of legal work on the plaintiffs’ side.”

Aelish is based in the Firm’s San Francisco office and has been at the forefront of a wide array of complex securities and consumer fraud cases for many years, and has litigated a number of cases through jury trial, resulting in multi-million dollar awards and settlements. The National Law Journal recognized her for her work as co-lead of the Firm’s fight against those responsible for the nationwide opioid epidemic. Aelish and the Robbins Geller litigation team are currently representing many governmental entities, including San Francisco, San Diego, and the City of Los Angeles, in In re National Prescription Opiate Litig., No. 1:17-md-02804 (N.D. Ohio), and are determined to hold opioid manufacturers, distributors, and retail pharmacies responsible for causing and perpetuating what public health officials have called the worst drug crisis in American history.  “I see the effects of the epidemic in my community daily. It’s been hard-fought litigation,” stated Aelish to The National Law Journal. “We knew these cases were massive before we began, but we began anyway and will see it through no matter what.”

Jessica, located in the Firm’s San Diego office, has prosecuted numerous high-profile class and individual securities actions, resulting in billions of dollars of recoveries for investors. As a securities practice senior litigator, Jessica manages every aspect of her cases, from case initiation and investigation, through discovery motion practice, trial, and appeal. She was recognized for her work in In re American Realty Capital Properties, Inc. Litig. where she along with the Firm obtained a record $1.025 billion recovery, prosecuting nine claims for violations of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and Securities Act of 1933. The settlement is also notable as $237.5 million of the $1 billion recovery is the largest personal contribution by individual defendants in a securities class action recovery.  “Our firm is successful because we are willing to . . . and financially able to bring our cases to trial,” said Jessica.

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