Portfolio Monitoring Program®

Robbins Geller’s Portfolio Monitoring Program® provides comprehensive global solutions for sophisticated institutional investors, which enables clients to make timely, well-informed decisions about how to optimize recoveries for losses suffered in connection with securities litigation in the United States and around the world.

At no cost to clients, Robbins Geller’s Portfolio Monitoring Program® offers superior benefits, including:

Proprietary Software and Expert Staff: The Portfolio Monitoring Program® is powered by a sophisticated, proprietary software platform that incorporates the skills and efforts of more than two dozen in-house, highly specialized attorneys, forensic accountants, economists, damage analysts, and investigators to compile and assess detailed information for Firm clients.

100% In-House: Robbins Geller does not outsource client data or securities portfolio monitoring services to outside contractors.  Rather, the Firm’s portfolio monitoring services are performed on-site by a team of highly experienced Robbins Geller professionals.

Comprehensive Analysis of International Claims: The Firm extensively analyzes client holdings, including both equity and debt transactions, as well as alternate investment vehicles and foreign market transactions, to match holdings with potential claims and identify losses.  Given the increasingly global nature of securities transactions, as well as the impact of recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions addressing investors’ options for seeking recoveries through U.S. securities litigation, Robbins Geller has developed several successful strategies for both monitoring and prosecuting non-U.S. securities actions.

Timely and Diversified Reporting: The Firm keeps its clients informed regarding the monitoring and evaluation of their securities portfolios by providing them with several reports on a monthly or quarterly basis.  Robbins Geller also provides a specialized Client Extranet, which the Firm’s clients can access through a secure internet login. The Client Extranet allows clients to receive and download their reports electronically, and maintains an archive of all historical reports. Clients receive e-mail alerts when their reports are available for review.

Simply stated, the Firm’s Portfolio Monitoring Program® provides an effective and timely mechanism to identify, report on, assess, evaluate and litigate global securities cases.

To learn more about the Portfolio Monitoring Program®, contact David C. Walton.