Robbins Geller’s antitrust practice focuses on representing businesses and individuals who have been the victims of price-fixing, unlawful monopolization, market allocation, tying and other anti-competitive conduct.  The Firm has litigated  many of the largest federal and state antitrust cases in the United States, resulting in notable victories against companies such as NASDAQ and Microsoft. 

The Firm’s antitrust cases include:

  • Dahl v. Bain Capital Partners, LLC, No. 07-cv-12388-EFH (D. Mass). Robbins Geller attorneys served as co-lead counsel on behalf of shareholders in this action against the nation’s largest private equity firms who colluded to restrain competition to suppress prices paid to shareholders of public companies in connection with leveraged buyouts. After nearly seven years of hard-fought litigation, in March 2015, the court approved several settlements totaling $590.5 million. The aggregate settlement is the largest antitrust class action settlement involving market allocation in which no government antitrust action was taken.

  • Alaska Electrical Pension Fund v. Bank of America Corporation, No. 14-cv-07126-JMF (S.D.N.Y.).  Robbins Geller attorneys are prosecuting antitrust claims against 13 major banks and broker ICAP plc who are alleged to have conspired to manipulate the ISDAfix rate, the key interest rate for a broad range of interest rate derivatives and other financial instruments. The class action is brought on behalf of investors and market participants who entered into an interest rate derivative transaction during an eight-year period from 2006 to 2014.

  • In re Currency Conversion Fee Antitrust Litig., 01 MDL No. 1409 (S.D.N.Y.).  The Firm’s attorneys recovered $336 million for credit and debit cardholders in this multi-district litigation in which the Firm served as co-lead counsel. 
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  • In re Aftermarket Automotive Lighting Products Antitrust Litig., 09 MDL No. 2007 (C.D. Cal.).  The Firm’s attorneys are co-lead counsel in this multi-district litigation in which plaintiffs allege that defendants conspired to fix prices and allocate markets for automotive lighting products.  The last defendants settled just before the scheduled trial, resulting in total settlements of more than $50 million. 

  • In re Digital Music Antitrust Litig., 06 MDL No. 1780 (S.D.N.Y.).  The Firm’s attorneys are co-lead counsel in an action against the major music labels (Sony-BMG, EMI, Universal and Warner Music Group) in a case involving music that can be downloaded digitally from the Internet.  Plaintiffs allege that defendants restrained the development of digital downloads and agreed to fix the distribution price of digital downloads at supracompetitive prices.  Plaintiffs also allege that as a result of defendants’ restraint of the development of digital downloads, and the market and price for downloads, defendants were able to maintain the prices of their CDs at supracompetitive levels.  The Second Circuit Court of Appeals upheld plaintiffs’ complaint, reversing the trial court’s dismissal.  Discovery is ongoing.

  • In re NASDAQ Market-Makers Antitrust Litig., MDL No. 1023 (S.D.N.Y.).  Robbins Geller attorneys served as co-lead counsel in this case in which investors alleged that NASDAQ market-makers set and maintained artificially wide spreads pursuant to an industry-wide conspiracy.  After years of intense litigation, the case settled for a total of $1.027 billion, at the time the largest ever antitrust settlement.

  • In re Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM) Antitrust Litig., 02 MDL No. 1486 (N.D. Cal.).  Robbins Geller attorneys served on the executive committee in this multi-district class action in which a class of purchasers of dynamic random access memory (or DRAM) chips alleged that the leading manufacturers of semiconductor products fixed the price of DRAM chips from the fall of 2001 through at least the end of June 2002.  The case settled for more than $300 million.

  • Microsoft I-V Cases, JCCP No. 4106 (Cal. Super. Ct., San Francisco Cty.).  Robbins Geller attorneys served on the executive committee in these consolidated cases in which California indirect purchasers challenged Microsoft’s illegal exercise of monopoly power in the operating system, word processing and spreadsheet markets.  In a settlement approved by the court, class counsel obtained an unprecedented $1.1 billion worth of relief for the business and consumer class members who purchased the Microsoft products.

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