Class Actions, Pit Bulls, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu:  Robbins Geller’s Paul Geller Interviewed in Angeion Group’s New “Leading Litigator Series”

January 24, 2017

Robbins Geller named partner Paul Geller recently sat down with Angeion Group's Steve Weisbrot as part of Angeion Group's "Leading Litigator" interview series, which “brings together some of the best and brightest class action practitioners from both the plaintiffs and defense bars.”  Geller and Weisbrot discuss a wide range of topics, including the Firm's burgeoning consumer protection practice, the similarities and differences of securities and consumer class actions, Geller's predictions on how the Trump administration may impact class action practice, and how the proposed amendments to Rule 23 will affect class action objections and notice.

Weisbrot kicks off the interview by noting that Robbins Geller is widely recognized as a “securities powerhouse,” yet it is also currently involved in some of the “largest and most complex consumer cases in the country.”  Geller notes that, while it is true that the Firm has a robust securities practice, it has always had a strong consumer practice as well.  Pointing to the VolkswagenTrump University, and consumer cases against the NFL, NHL and Facebook, Geller asserts that the Firm’s practice focus hasn't changed, but there has been more media attention on the Firm's recent spate of high-profile consumer cases.

When asked for predictions on how the new administration may change class action practice over the next four years, Geller voiced optimism, noting that he is "not one to dwell on the campaign" and that he hopes Trump will be “the best President that he can be."  Geller noted that, at the same time, "I'm also realistic; I think that investors and consumers may have a tougher road ahead – it may be open season on them, in which case firms like mine will be ready to roll up our sleeves and help protect them.”

Referred to as a “superhero” by Weisbrot, the interview turns to the highly publicized incident in which Geller physically intervened to save a pregnant woman and her dog from two attacking, bloodthirsty pit bulls.  He related the incident to his experience being "on the right side, which is how I view my practice.”  The interview concludes with Geller discussing parallels between complex litigation and the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, which he describes as his outlet for taking a mental break from the stressors of litigation. Watch the full interview below.

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