Portfolio Monitoring ProgramSM

To learn more about the Portfolio Monitoring ProgramSM, contact David C. Walton at (800) 449-4900 or via email.

Robbins Geller’s Portfolio Monitoring ProgramSM is used all over the world by pension fund trustees, fund managers and institutional investors. Currently the Firm monitors hundreds of institutional investor funds; equaling more than $2 trillion in total assets.

The Portfolio Monitoring ProgramSM is a sophisticated, exclusive and secure service for institutional investors. The cost-free service is built around proprietary software that is able to provide essential information to track investment losses. Additionally, the Firm incorporates the skills of a highly trained team, including attorneys, forensic accountants, economists, damage analysts and investigators. The Firm’s attorneys and experts work to compile information that enables the Firm to quickly conduct a detailed analysis and pass that information on to the fund. 

Unique benefits of the Robbins Geller Portfolio Monitoring ProgramSM include:

  • Proprietary Software and Expert Staff - The Portfolio Monitoring ProgramSM  is built around sophisticated proprietary software and incorporates the efforts of more than two dozen highly trained lawyers, forensic accountants, economists, damage analysts and investigators. 
  • Comprehensive Analysis – The Firm analyzes client holdings, both equity and debt transactions, as well as alternate investment vehicles and foreign market transactions.
  • Diversified Reporting and Transparency - Clients receive several reports, including a monthly portfolio monitoring report; a monthly settlement report (tracking the clients’ recoveries); quarterly litigation reports (describing the clients’ active case developments); and an international shareholder litigation report (tracking class action case developments in foreign markets).

When a fund seeks to recover losses caused by fraud, Robbins Geller is uniquely qualified to prosecute securities actions. The Firm has experience in leading the prosecution of some of the largest securities fraud cases in U.S. history, recovering billions of dollars, and helping to define investor protection across the United States. Robbins Geller has the resources and capabilities to offer its clients a system of protection and achieve results.