Institutional Clients

It’s never been more important for institutional investors to have their portfolios monitored for losses due to corporate misconduct and fraud. For this reason, institutional investors from all over the world trust Robbins Geller to monitor their portfolio and manage their securities litigation.

For nearly a decade, Robbins Geller attorneys have prosecuted actions on behalf of defrauded investors and consumers. The Firm has led the prosecution of some of the largest securities fraud in United States history and helped define investor protection across America.

No other law firm in the world can match Robbins Geller’s resources, capabilities and results, and no other firm can offer investors better protection. The Firm’s institutional clients range from state and municipal retirement funds to Taft-Hartley Multi-Employer Funds, and private domestic financial institutions to international megafunds. These clients rely on Robbins Geller to achieve the largest possible recoveries, and know the Firm has the resources, talent, judgment and experience to bring cases to a favorable resolution.

Whether you are interested in the Robbins Geller secure, proprietary portfolio monitoring program or the recovery of lost assets through litigation, the Firm mobilizes its teams to achieve the best results. Find out more about what the Firm’s clients say and why it’s the right choice for investors.

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