A whistleblower is an individual who discloses original information to the public or those in authority about illegal and/or unethical activities in a government department or private organization. A wide variety of federal and state laws have been formed to protect and reward whistleblowers for coming forward to report fraud and misconduct. The laws work to form public-private partnerships between concerned citizens, their attorneys and the government to effectively combat fraud.

The Robbins Geller whistleblower practice group has extensive experience helping clients battle corporate fraud. The Firm’s seasoned litigators include former prosecutors with decades of experience dealing with fraudulent conduct, confidential witnesses and sensitive investigations. In addition, Robbins Geller employs a world-class staff of certified fraud examiners, forensic accountants, economists and investigators who can provide assistance to whistleblowers in evaluating whether or not fraud has occurred.

The Firm’s whistleblower representation includes:

For a complete summary and menu of the Firm’s whistleblower services and resources please visit the Robbins Geller Whistleblower website.

Robbins Geller is committed to fighting for whistleblower clients in its efforts to combat fraud. The Firm is dedicated to ensuring that its clients receive the compensation and protection they deserve. If you are aware of any securities, commodities, or tax law violations or fraud on the government and would like to consult with the Firm on a confidential basis about a potential whistleblower case, please contact Jonah H. Goldstein or James E. Barz.

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