Intellectual Property

Individual inventors, universities, and research organizations provide the fundamental research behind many existing and emerging technologies. Every year, the majority of U.S. patents are issued to this group of inventors. Through this fundamental research, these inventors provide a significant competitive advantage to this country. Unfortunately, while responsible for most of the inventions that issue into U.S. patents every year, individual inventors, universities and research organizations receive very little of the licensing revenues for U.S. patents. In fact, large companies reap 99% of all patent licensing revenues.

Robbins Geller enforces the rights of these inventors by filing and litigating patent infringement cases against infringing entities. Our attorneys have decades of patent litigation experience in a variety of technical applications. This experience, combined with the Firm’s extensive resources, gives individual inventors the ability to enforce their patent rights against even the largest companies.

Our attorneys have experience handling cases involving a broad range of technologies, including:

If you have any questions regarding Robbins Geller’s Intellectual Property practice, please contact John Herman.

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