Case Evaluation & Litigation

Robbins Geller attorneys direct the evaluation process with the assistance of in-house investigators (including former law enforcement agents), forensic accountants, economists and damage analysts. Once it is determined that a case has merit, our lawyers and other professionals analyze all client transactions – including the timing and price of transactions and type of securities involved – to determine the best legal option.

As the case moves forward, the litigation team – including former federal and state prosecutors and SEC lawyers – coordinates with other in-house experts, from the largest team of forensic accountants and economists in the field, to appellate lawyers. No other firm devotes as many human and financial resources to prosecuting securities actions. Statements made by judges and other lawyers across the country who have seen the results of our work first-hand confirm this:

Uniquely suited, we have garnered more top complex action recoveries and recognition than any other firm in our field. But the results matter in more ways than one. Our outstanding record of top recoveries and successful prosecution at trial, levels a credible threat that increases settlement amounts.

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