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It’s never been more important for institutional investors to have their portfolios monitored for losses due to corporate misconduct and fraud. For this reason, pension fund trustees, managers and institutional investors from all over the world trust the Robbins Geller Portfolio Monitoring Program® .

The Robbins Geller Portfolio Monitoring Program® offers pension funds a unique, sophisticated and secure way to monitor their portfolios. The Portfolio Monitoring Program® monitors an institution’s investments and alerts the client when assets they oversee suffer a significant loss due to fraud, insider abuse or self-dealing.  This cost-free program provides the client with monthly reports and essential information on tracking investments, analyzing losses, and will alert the fund promptly when losses due to fraud occur.

When a fund seeks to recover losses caused by fraud, Robbins Geller is uniquely qualified to prosecute securities actions. The Firm has experience in leading the prosecution of some of the largest securities fraud cases in U.S. history, recovering billions of dollars, and helping to define investor protection across the United States. Robbins Geller has the resources and capabilities to offer its clients a system of protection and achieve results.

To find out more information about the Robbins Geller Portfolio Monitoring Program® or if you need to discuss recovering losses, please call (800) 449-4900.

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