What Services Do I Receive?

Clients of the Firm’s Portfolio Monitoring Program® receive a number of reports designed to help identify and assess losses associated with potential securities fraud claims around the world.  Robbins Geller custom-tailors these reports to identify each individual client’s securities exposure.

U.S. Portfolio Monitoring Report

This monthly report alerts clients to significant losses sustained at the onset of a U.S. class action securities case, when there is still ample time to consider potential active participation.  Each report identifies the case, any losses associated with the security at issue, a summary of the allegations, the court in which the case was filed, the class period, and the deadline to seek appointment as lead plaintiff. 

International Portfolio Monitoring Report

This quarterly report provides similar information as the U.S. Portfolio Monitoring Report for non-U.S. cases, including a loss estimate, case descriptions, the countries and jurisdictions involved, as well as any known deadlines for joining (or opting into) the litigation. Click here for more about international portfolio monitoring

Settlement Report 

This monthly report identifies securities class action settlements with upcoming claims deadlines in which a client’s transaction history indicates it may be a class member.  Clients use this report to ensure their custodians file claims, if necessary, before the claims deadline expires. This report also includes a tally of known securities class action recoveries to date. 

Additional Services

Interim Reports
In addition to periodic reporting, the monitoring program also provides interim information to a client based upon individual pre-set thresholds. For example, certain clients want to be advised immediately of any losses sustained above a certain dollar amount or involving a particular industry. Robbins Geller tailors the timing and substance of interim reports to meet each client’s pre-defined specifications.

Claims Filing
Robbins Geller also offers securities claims filing services to clients to ensure all available recoveries are obtained. If a client retains the Firm for claims filing services, the client will also receive a monthly claims filing report identifying all potential claims the client is eligible to participate in, the status and progress of each filed claim, as well as the recoveries obtained to date. 

For more information on Robbins Geller’s monitoring or claims-filing services, contact David C. Walton.