International Portfolio Monitoring

Robbins Geller provides comprehensive solutions for its clients who invest globally. The Firm’s Portfolio Monitoring Program® is a cost-free service that provides clients with quarterly International Portfolio Monitoring Reports. The International Monitoring Report offers details of cases pending in jurisdictions outside of the United States. This information includes case descriptions, the courts and jurisdictions involved, and whether or not the particular client has invested in any of the securities at issue. By providing clients with the ability to identify and assess their losses associated with transactions, clients are given the information necessary to maximize their potential recoveries worldwide.

Participants in the Portfolio Monitoring Program® will also receive a monthly Portfolio Monitoring Report and monthly Settlement Report.  The Portfolio Monitoring Report provides information on U.S. securities class actions. The Settlement Report provides detailed information on U.S. and international settlements that have approaching claim deadlines. The Settlement Report includes the class period, settlement amount, and contact information for the claims administrator.  This report is tailored to each individual client and includes whether or not a client has class period transactions or holdings in the defendant company.  Together, the Settlement Report and monitoring reports provide information institutional investors need to obtain recoveries from settled actions around the world.

If an institution decides to participate in an action outside of the United States, Robbins Geller has an International Litigation Department. This department regularly advises institutional investors in securities cases worldwide. The Firm’s international practice includes representing international investors in U.S. courts in the prosecution of claims brought under United States or foreign laws, and advising investors in the prosecution of their claims in foreign jurisdictions.

To find out more information about the Robbins Geller Portfolio Monitoring Program® or if you need to discuss recovering losses, please call (800) 449-4900.

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