The Invisible Hand Foundation, Inc.

December 24, 2019

Roxana Pierce, Of Counsel at Robbins Geller, is also the Director and Board Member of The Invisible Hand Foundation, Inc., which provides funding to Washington D.C.-area residents who are faced with hardships that prevent them from pursuing constructive endeavors. Since 2011, the Foundation has provided millions of dollars to those in need. In December 2019, ABC News highlighted her work with the Foundation and for “being the true hero” in Hashem Goma’s “miracle” of dental work, which helped him walk, eat, and sleep. Hashem, a native from Egypt, was a former student who had to drop out of school after being bullied and losing his teeth. “[New teeth] changed my life,” he said. Roxana expressed that her work with Hashem is “exactly [the Foundation’s] purpose,” which is to “remove an obstacle and allow [people] to move forward.” ABC also praised Roxana and the Foundation’s charitable work because the story didn’t just end with the paid dental work for Hashem; she also assisted in helping him fly home to “spend an entire month with his family” in Egypt, as he hadn’t been home in three years. ABC emphasized how “today Hashem and his kids all have something to smile about,” and how “this is a huge change” from the “one obstacle [that had] a ripple effect on [his] entire life.” For more information on The Invisible Hand Foundation, Inc., please click here.

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