Robbins Geller Attorneys Speak to Press After Trump University $25 Million Settlement Announcement

November 18, 2016

Robbins Geller attorneys Patrick Coughlin, Jason Forge and Rachel Jensen announce to the press the unprecedented $25 million settlement in the Trump University case. The attorneys go on to explain why the Firm chose to litigate the Trump case pro bono, why the settlement marks such a remarkable win for the plaintiffs, and how the Firm feels having gone up against the next President of the United States.

On November 18, 2016, after six and a half years of hard-fought litigation and on the eve of trial, Robbins Geller secured a historic recovery on behalf of former Trump University students around the country. The settlement provides $25 million to approximately 7,000 consumers, including senior citizens who accessed retirement accounts and maxed out credit cards to enroll in Trump University.

Although some criticize class actions for yielding modest results, the tenacity that Robbins Geller displayed ensured that each class member will receive more than half their money back and as much as a full refund. This means that individual class members will be eligible for upwards of $35,000 in restitution – an extraordinary result.

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