Robbins Geller Announces Portfolio Monitoring Program® Enhancements

January 16, 2013

Well over a decade ago, Robbins Geller began offering the first in-house, complimentary monitoring of the financial impact of securities fraud on its clients’ portfolios.

Beginning in 2013, Robbins Geller announced several improvements to its Portfolio Monitoring Program®, including monthly electronic delivery. “We recognize that our clients’ time is valuable,” said Robbins Geller partner David C. Walton. “With monthly reporting, our clients will be empowered to make timely assessments of the impact of misconduct on their portfolios and whether their exposure warrants closer attention,” he noted. “By delivering the monthly reports electronically, our clients have secure and instant access to their reports.”

These changes will allow Robbins Geller to continue to deliver the best-in-class advice and analysis to its clients in a timely and accessible manner. Robbins Geller looks forward to continuing to evolve and improve its products to better meet – and exceed – its clients’ needs.

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