Robbins Geller’s International Monitoring Update

November 1, 2013

Robbins Geller has made several enhancements to its international monitoring this year, including the distribution of quarterly International Portfolio Monitoring Reports via its secure client extranet. The International Portfolio Monitoring Report identifies clients’ exposure in international collective actions. Information in the report includes case descriptions, securities identifiers, the courts and jurisdictions involved, the relevant periods involved, and whether the particular client has invested in any of the securities at issue. By providing clients with the ability to identify and assess their losses associated with transactions outside of as well as within the United States, Robbins Geller provides clients with the information necessary to maximize their potential recoveries worldwide.

These new reports allow Robbins Geller to continue its unrivaled success in the securities litigation field and deliver superior advice and analysis to its clients in a timely and accessible manner. Robbins Geller is committed to the ongoing improvement of its services to better meet – and exceed – its clients’ needs.

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