Darren Robbins, Michael Dowd, Jason Forge and Debra Wyman Named Litigators of the Year

June 7, 2017

In its May/June 2017 issue, Our City San Diego magazine celebrated the best attorneys in the city by naming Robbins Geller’s Darren Robbins, Michael Dowd, Jason Forge and Debra Wyman as Litigators of the Year.

Our City San Diego highlighted Robbins for his “relentless” work in the Dana Corp. litigation, securing a $64 million recovery for the class after 11 years of hard-fought litigation. Prior to the Dana Corp. case, Robbins served as lead counsel in Schuh v. HCA Holdings, Inc., which resulted in a $215 million recovery for shareholders, the largest securities class action recovery ever in Tennessee. The magazine praised Dowd for leading the Household International case to a record-breaking $1.575 billion recovery after 14 hard-fought years of litigation. The article applauded Forge for his work as one of the lead attorneys who secured a historic recovery on behalf of Trump University students in two class actions against President Donald J. Trump, litigating the case pro bono to provide $25 million to approximately 7,000 consumers. Aside from commending Wyman for her role in the Dana Corp. litigation, the publication also noted her work in HCA Holdings, in which she pursued the case through four years of hard-fought litigation, settling just prior to trial.

When discussing Robbins Geller’s track record with protracted court cases such as the above examples, Robbins told the magazine that even when companies know they have done wrong, they will still fight. “They don’t say, ‘Oh, you got us. Here’s the money,’” he said. “You have to pry it out of their hands.”

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