Lawdragon Highlights Partner Paul Geller in Lawyer Limelight Series

May 8, 2017

On May 8, 2017, Lawdragon published a profile on Robbins Geller founding partner Paul J. Geller as part of its “Lawyer Limelight” series, which features an in-depth Q&A covering everything from Geller’s time as a law student to how he relaxes outside of the courtroom to what sets Robbins Geller apart from other firms. “Paul Geller’s strategy for earning massive recoveries for consumers and investors in complex cases might be boiled down to a simple mantra: always over-prepare,” notes the publication.

When asked what drew him to the plaintiffs’ side, Geller recalled starting out at a defense firm in Florida. “[W]e were representing large corporations in cases brought by groups of individuals, including defending drug companies against claims by hemophiliacs, many of them children, who were given HIV-tainted blood treatments,” says Geller. “I felt early on that I was on the wrong side.  I wanted to help the kids, not the company. I wanted to fight for David, not Goliath.” 

Now as Managing Partner of the Boca Raton, Florida office, Geller takes on the world’s largest corporations and the best law firms, meeting challenges head on. “To succeed in this practice, which in my mind means maximizing financial recoveries for the classes of defrauded investors or injured consumers that we are entrusted to represent, a firm must have the human and financial resources to go toe-to-toe with the top defense firms,” Geller notes when discussing what it takes to prevail against powerful corporations. “And to do that, a firm must have an appetite for risk and must excel at every aspect of complex litigation: the research, the briefing, the strategic vision, the oral advocacy, the desire to try cases to a jury, and the ability to defend or bring appeals.”

One pertinent example of Robbins Geller’s tenacity is the Household case, which concluded with a record-breaking $1.575 billion recovery after 14 years of hard-fought litigation. The recovery is the largest ever following a securities fraud class action trial, the largest securities fraud settlement in the Seventh Circuit, and the seventh-largest settlement ever in a post-PSLRA securities fraud case. “My firm spent over 130,000 hours on the case, took more than 85 depositions, won a six-week jury trial, briefed and argued appeals to the Seventh Circuit, and spent over $35 million in actual out-of-pocket expenses. The case started as a run-of-the-mill securities fraud case but our trial team turned it into a record-breaking $1.575 billion recovery,” notes Geller.

Lawdragon also commended Geller for being a “perennial Lawdragon 500 member,” as he has been named a Leading Lawyer in America 11 times, and “excell[ing] on the plaintiffs’ side, earning billions across a regular stream of high-profile cases – including the $15B-plus settlement with Volkswagen over its attempts to dodge emissions standards.” Geller served on the Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee on behalf of consumers in the massive scandal, and he, along with the committee and government agencies, reached a settlement that yielded $16 billion, the largest consumer class action in history.

Robbins Geller consistently receives numerous accolades from various courts, professional organizations and the media, and Geller attributes the Firm’s success to its attorneys. “Not only do we have a very deep bench of talented attorneys, but we have a sort of ‘chip on our shoulder’ culture.  We want to litigate against the biggest and best Wall Street firms and we want to beat them,” he says. “To do so takes great lawyering, tenacity, and the resources to match wealthy corporations and their large defense firms.”


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