Law360 Commends Robbins Geller’s Record-Breaking Wins in Securities Practice Group of the Year Profile

January 24, 2017

Earlier this month, Robbins Geller was once again named one of the nation’s top Securities Practice Groups of the Year by Law360 and now the publication has released its detailed profile on the Firm. Law360 highlights Robbins Geller’s “willingness to litigate further into the case than other firms,” shown in its “[r]ecord-breaking wins,” including the “$1.575 billion payout from HSBC Finance Corp.”

“It’s a commitment to excellence, which is both committing human resources and financial resources to never shortchange a client. . . . Whenever we take a case, we’re willing to prepare to take it to trial,” founding partner Darren Robbins said regarding the Firm’s investment in its cases. Robbins Geller’s long-term commitment to the investors in the HSBC/Household case, which dates back to 2002 and is now the largest securities class action recovery following a trial and the largest securities fraud settlement in the Seventh Circuit, is “proof of that strategy.”

“We showed our fortitude in terms of being ready to try the [Household] case a second time,” Spencer Burkholz, one of the lead trial attorneys in the case, told Law360. “I’m not sure there’s another plaintiffs firm in the country that would have done what we did . . . and holding out for the amount we held out. . . . By showing that we were willing to go all the way, they paid to settle the case.”

Additionally, Law360 commends Robbins Geller’s successful $388 million recovery in the JPMorgan case, the $500 million recovery in the Countrywide Financial case and the $215 million recovery in the HCA Holdings Inc. case.

Daniel Drosman, trial counsel on the Household International and the JPMorgan cases, succinctly summed up the Firm’s reputation by adding, “At the end of the day, the defendants don’t pay our clients hundreds of millions because they think we’re nice; they do it because we put them in a box, and we do it over and over again.”

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