Robbins Geller Partners Dan Drosman and Jason Forge Named to Daily Journal’s Top 100 Lawyers List

September 20, 2017

On September 20, 2017, Robbins Geller partners Daniel S. Drosman and Jason A. Forge were selected to the Daily Journal’s Top 100 Lawyers list that honors “California attorneys doing cutting-edge legal work.”

Dan Drosman is no stranger to complicated, lengthy cases. As a former federal prosecutor and one of the Firm’s securities practice leaders, Drosman served as lead trial counsel in Jaffe v. Household International (now HSBC Finance Corporation), obtaining a record-breaking $1.575 billion recovery after 14 years of litigation. The recovery is the largest ever following a securities fraud class action trial, the largest securities fraud settlement in the Seventh Circuit and the seventh-largest settlement ever in a post-PSLRA securities fraud case.

“At one point there were four of us sitting in a windowless 50-foot war room surrounded by scores of bankers boxes of documents. We didn’t take a break for four months. There were blood, sweat and tears,” Drosman told the publication when speaking of the sheer effort that went into demonstrating the defendant’s predatory lending practices. “Ultimately, we had 900 documents on our [exhibit] list, and we probably used 500 at the trial. This was no easy feat.”

Drosman and the Robbins Geller litigation team overcame defendants’ repeated attempts to derail the litigation after the verdict, which included several post-trial motions to invalidate the verdict, objections to thousands of claims by injured class members, and an appeal to the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals. The court noted Drosman and the litigation team’s “skill and determination” while recognizing that “Lead Counsel prosecuted the case vigorously and skillfully over 14 years against nine of the country’s most prominent law firms” and “achieved an exceptionally significant recovery for the class.”

“The defense thought incorrectly that a lot of our fraud evidence would not be admitted at the retrial,” Drosman remarked. “They thought that would all be sanitized and the retrial would simply be about loss causation. But we persuaded the judge that the jurors in the retrial would need evidence of the fraud as background, and we hammered out an outline of what had occurred. The defendant’s actions were so disgusting and abhorrent we knew the jury couldn’t ignore it.”

When asked how it felt when the Household case finally settled, Drosman said, “There was a tremendous feeling of accomplishment and relief. We’d felt the weight of the world on our shoulders, and now it was gone. It was the highlight of my professional career.”

As an Assistant U.S. Attorney for over 12 years, Jason Forge has investigated and prosecuted some of the nation’s most significant cases, including the largest corruption case in congressional history, against U.S. Rep. Randall “Duke” Cunningham. Since joining Robbins Geller, Forge has led many litigation teams that have investigated, charged and prevailed in cases against formidable adversaries, such as President Donald J. Trump in the Trump University case, which he and the Robbins Geller team litigated pro bono, recovering $25 million for defrauded students, who will be refunded over 90% of what they paid Trump University. The court lauded Forge and the litigation team for the “extraordinary amount of recovery [which] is all the more exceptional when viewed in light of the risk [of continued litigation].”

The Daily Journal commended Forge for jumping straight back into the fray by running the first securities fraud case against Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. Filed in May 2012, the case relates to Wal-Mart’s alleged cover-up of suspected foreign corruption, which was brought to light after The New York Times began an investigation of a multimillion-dollar bribery scheme in Mexico the company had covered up years prior.

“To head off the Times, Wal-Mart provided a very misleading description of themselves as a model corporate citizen,” Forge told the Daily Journal. “They made themselves look like heroes. Four months later [in April 2012] the Times painted an entirely different picture.”

The picture that The New York Times painted alleged that employees of Wal-Mart de México systematically bribed Mexican officials to obtain building permits and other approval necessary for Wal-Mart’s expansion into Mexico -- and that Wal-Mart's highest-ranking executives not only knew of these allegations back in 2005, but they rejected a proposed independent investigation and hid them from law enforcement for six years, when they learned of The Times' investigation. 

The Daily Journal’s recognition comes on the heels of several others for Forge and Drosman. In fact, the Daily Journal recently named Forge to its Top Plaintiff Lawyers list, while Our City San Diego named him a Litigator of the Year for 2017. Drosman has been named a Recommended Lawyer by The Legal 500 and a Super Lawyer by Super Lawyers Magazine.

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