Robbins Geller’s efficient use of technology, testing of new applications, and upgrading equipment has provided better and more cost-effective tools for its attorneys and staff. This continual progress has contributed to the Firm maintaining its position as one of the top plaintiffs’ firms in the world and one of the most formidable securities law firms in the country.

Robbins Geller places great value on its secure extranet access and is constantly exploring innovations in e-discovery. In fact, the Firm’s pioneering efforts in the e-discovery field have enabled it to take on some of the largest class action litigations in history.

Additionally, Robbins Geller has set the industry standard in portfolio monitoring through its commitment to technological innovation. Many of the largest institutional investors in the world trust their portfolio monitoring to Robbins Geller’s Portfolio Monitoring Program®. Built on a sophisticated and proprietary software platform, the complimentary program enables the Firm to track its clients’ securities transactions, analyze losses, and alert clients promptly when losses may be attributable to fraud or other violations of the securities laws. Robbins Geller’s portfolio monitoring service is the most original, most comprehensive, and most widely used portfolio monitoring and damages analysis service in the world.

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