James Glickenhaus of Glickenhaus & Co. regarding Jaffe v. Household Int’l, Inc.

“I am glad that justice finally prevailed . . . . [Robbins Geller is] a blessing to myself and so many others who were just trying to learn a skill to help fortify and provide for our families.”

Keith Hogan of Hogan Auto Repair L.L.C., regarding the Trump University cases 

“We are pleased that Pfizer has agreed to resolve investors’ claims on the eve of the trial for $400 million, subject to court approval.  We are grateful to our lawyers, Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd LLP, for their expert counsel in this case.”

Jasper Kemme, Managing Director at Stichting Philips Pensioenfonds, regarding Jones v. Pfizer Inc.

"[Robbins Geller] prosecuted this case with undoubted skill, tenacity, and effectiveness, and the size of the recovery is extraordinary. In fact the recovery is beyond the university's realistic expectations . . . .”

Christopher M. Patti, University Counsel, Office of General Counsel of the University of California, In re Enron Corp., Dkt. No. 5796

“Causing one of the largest and most recognized corporations in America to significantly change its governance and the way it does business, is an impressive feat. Lead Counsel's success in this case is a testament to its exceptional stature, experience, and reputation.”

Earl Seymour, Chairman of the Board, Pirelli Armstrong Tire Corporation Retiree Medical Benefits Trust, Costco Wholesale Corp. Derivative Litig., Dkt. No. 99

“The Retirement Board, and MERS participants, sincerely appreciates the creative and unrelenting legal approach your firm . . . has taken in this unprecedented matter. . . . This action, and its resolution, is in the best interests of MERS, its 650 participating municipalities, and nearly 70,000 retirees, beneficiaries, and active members.”

Jeb Burns, Chief Investment Officer, and Michael Moquin, Chief General Counsel, Municipal Employees’ Retirement System of Michigan (MERS), regarding WorldCom

“But for [Robbins Geller’s] efforts in obtaining vital evidence and synthesizing it in a logical and coherent manner, plaintiffs and the Class would not have been in a position to reach this favorable resolution. I believe that a lesser law firm may not have been as willing or capable of expending the effort and resources necessary to obtain the vital discovery which made all the difference in this case.”

Peter H. Mixon, General Counsel, California Public Employees’ Retirement System
In re UnitedHealth Grp. Inc., Dkt. No. 820

“[Robbins Geller attorneys] diligently worked on this case since its inception over ten years ago . . . and, in doing so . . . achieved a superb . . . settlement that is the product of excellent lawyering.”

James Condon, Deputy Chief Legal Officer and Secretary to the Board of Trustees, Central States, Southeast and Southwest Areas Pension Fund
In re HealthSouth Corp., Dkt. No. 1685

“[T]hank you . . . for the hard work in representing the Washington State Investment Board . . . . [W]e are very pleased at the settlement recovery obtained . . . on behalf of the WSIB, and the employees and retirement funds for which the WSIB invests. . . . Quite simply, we are impressed by the aggressive, diligent, and creative work of your firm . . . leading up to these superior settlement results . . . . ”

Joseph A. Dear, Former Executive Director, Washington State Investment Board (WSIB)

“We . . . observed first-hand the skill and determination of [Robbins Geller attorneys] and their dedication to the best interests of the class. . . . [They are] the best choice for Lead Counsel . . . .”

James E. Holst, General Counsel and Vice President, The Regents of the University of California
In re Dynegy, Inc., Dkt. No. 675

“[Robbins Geller] aggressively litigated this case [to achieve] a very good recovery.”

Malcolm J. Auble, Administrator, Locals 302 and 612 of the International Union of Operating Engineers-Employers Construction Industry Retirement Trust
In re UTStarcom, Inc., Dkt. No. 413

“[B]ut for the efforts of [Robbins Geller], this excellent recovery would have never occurred.”

Richard A. Noelke, Deputy Director, Wayne County Employees’ Retirement System
In re Cooper Cos., Dkt. No. 410

“[T]here are many preferred stockholders who have been rescued from a massive loss of capital, including some who could not afford the loss. I thoroughly enjoyed working with you and look forward to working with you again.”

Lawrence H. Feldman, individual client and representative plaintiff

“[Robbins Geller attorneys obtained] an excellent resolution of the litigation.”

Rick J. Sanborn, Administrator and Alternative Trustee, City of Sterling Heights via General Employees Retirement System
In re FirstEnergy Corp., Dkt. No. 148

“I could not have asked for better or more professional representation. You and your firm did an outstanding job for me and other Floridians and I can’t thank you enough.”

Tim Neilsen, individual client and representative plaintiff

“The Fund recognizes the unprecedented investment of skill and resources that [Robbins Geller] has dedicated to the prosecution of this action that spanned more than five and a half years, from the initial investigation into the facts and interviews of hundreds of witnesses that supported the allegations . . . ; engaging in massive fact and expert discovery; . . . negotiating the largest securities fraud class action settlements in history; and ultimately preparing this case for trial . . . .”

Scott Zdrazil, Director of Corporate Governance of Amalgamated Bank
In re Enron Corp., Dkt. No. 5799

“[We obtained a settlement] representing a substantial recovery that would not have been possible without the efforts of [Robbins Geller].”

Thomas H. Robertson, Chairman, Board of Trustees, United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 880-Retail Food Employers Joint Pension Fund
In re Cooper Cos., Dkt. No. 409

“[T]he Settlement represents a very good recovery that would not have been possible without the diligent efforts of [Robbins Geller] who aggressively litigated this case for six years.”

Gregory R. Stokes, Administrator, Alaska Electrical Pension Fund
Ryan v. Flowserve Corp., Dkt. No. 944

“[The Firm] possess[es] the financial resources, skill, experience and track record to obtain optimum results for the Class.”

Lloyd C. Lee, University Counsel, Office of the General Counsel, The Regents of the University of California
In re Enron Corp., Dkt. No. 150

“Thank you again for all your hard work on behalf of Stacey and I and the rest of the class. We were impressed with your work and determination and pleased with the end result.”

William Stoddard, individual client and named plaintiff

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“[The Class garnered] a substantial recovery that would not have been possible without the efforts of [Robbins Geller].”

Dan Koeppel, Executive Director, Central Laborers’ Pension Fund
Beach v. Healthways, Inc., Dkt. No. 245

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