Yahoo! Inc. Customer Data Security Breach Litigation Settlement

United States District Court Northern District of California San Jose Division
Case No. 5:16-MD-02752-LHK

A Class Action Settlement has been proposed in litigation against Yahoo! Inc. (“Yahoo”) and Aabaco Small Business, LLC (together, called “Defendants” in this notice), relating to data breaches (malicious actors got into system and personal data was taken) occurring in 2013 through 2016, as well as to data security intrusions (malicious actors got into system but no data appears to have been taken) occurring from, at least, January to April 2012 (collectively the “Data Breaches”). If you received a notice about the Data Breaches, or if you had a Yahoo account at any time between January 1, 2012 and December 31, 2016 and are a resident of the United States or Israel, you are a “Settlement Class Member.”

Under the terms of the Settlement, Yahoo has enhanced, or, through its successor in interest, Oath Holdings Inc., continues to enhance its business practices that will improve the security of its users’ personal information stored on its databases. Defendants will also pay for a Settlement Fund of $117,500,000. The Settlement Fund will provide a minimum of two years of Credit Monitoring Services to protect Settlement Class Members from future harm, or an alternative cash payment for those who verify they already have credit monitoring or identity protection. The Settlement Fund will also provide cash payments to those who have demonstrated out-of-pocket losses, including loss of time, as well as payments to Yahoo users who paid for advertisement free or premium Yahoo Mail services and those who paid for Aabaco Small Business services, which included business email services. The Settlement Fund will also pay the costs of notice and the settlement administration; court-approved attorneys’ fees, costs, and expenses; and Service Awards for named Plaintiffs. In exchange, Settlement Class Members will release any and all claims they may have against Defendants regarding the Data Breaches.

Settlement Class Members May Act Now to Protect Themselves from Possible Harm Resulting from the Data Breach

Settlement Class Members are encouraged to submit a claim to receive a minimum of two years of future Credit Monitoring Services. If you already have Credit Monitoring Services, you may still sign up for this additional protection. Alternatively, if you verify that you already have a credit monitoring service that you will keep for at least one year, you may submit a claim for a cash payment of $100.00 instead of receiving Credit Monitoring Services through the Settlement. Payment for such a claim may be less than $100.00 or more (up to $358.80) depending on how many Settlement Class Members participate in the Settlement.

You may additionally provide documentation or proof to receive reimbursement of up to $25,000.00 in out-of-pocket losses, including lost time, that you believe you suffered or are suffering because of the Data Breaches. As to documented lost time, you can receive payment for up to fifteen hours of time at an hourly rate of $25.00 per hour or unpaid time off work at your actual hourly rate, whichever is greater. If your lost time is not documented, you can receive payment for up to five hours at that same rate.

If approved, the proposed Settlement will resolve the litigation entitled In re Yahoo! Inc. Customer Data Security Breach Litigation, Case No. 16-md-02752-LHK (N.D. Cal.), before Judge Lucy H. Koh in the Northern District of California, and Yahoo! Inc. Private Information Disclosure Cases, JCCP No. 4895, before Judge Glenda Sanders in the Orange County Superior Court. The Court must decide whether to finally approve the Settlement. No Credit Monitoring Services will be provided, and no payments will be made until the Settlement becomes final. The class action settlement approval process may take more than one year.

For more information, visit YahooDataDreachSettlement.com.

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