Our Firm Culture

“AN EXTRAORDINARY GROUP OF ATTORNEYS” U.S. District Judge Melinda Harmon, In re Enron

It takes a unique firm to recover $45 billion in its history, let alone deliver the largest securities class settlement on record – and largely from Wall Street investment banks, some of the largest and most well-defended corporations in the world. Our lawyers are smart, experienced, tenacious, and nationally recognized for their superlative litigating and negotiating skills. We do not give up until we have achieved the most successful possible outcome, whether that occurs before or after trial and appeal.

There is no “type” at Robbins Geller. Although you will find we are an exceedingly disparate group, many of us are former judicial clerks, accountants, defense lawyers, federal and state prosecutors, SEC enforcement attorneys and regulators. We seek and reward excellence. Therefore, diversity is not just important to our beliefs – it is a natural result of all our values. Unified by a strong desire to restore investors and promote the integrity of our securities markets and open competition, and to protect inventors and consumers, our goal is to overcome all obstacles for our clients and the classes of ordinary people they represent.

The Firm’s dedication to doing the right thing shows up in other ways, as well. When Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, we didn’t just write a check – we sent our lawyers to build houses in the hardest-hit districts, and started a foundation that gave $1 million in red-tape-free dollars to the people who needed it most.

Our attorneys are also encouraged to apply at least five percent of their billable hours to pro bono work. We take our social responsibility seriously, from fundraising for the American Cancer Society to helping empower women and Latino lawyers.

Our legal work, pro bono and social responsibility programs share a common theme: working earnestly to bring about positive change. It’s the core of our culture, and the reason we’re proud to work here.