What Services Do I Receive?

Clients of Robbins Geller's Portfolio Monitoring ProgramSM receive a number of regular reports on their portfolio. The report of concern to many clients, which identifies losses incurred by the fund, is the portfolio monitoring report. Clients also receive regular reports which help them identify settlements they may be eligible to participate in and ongoing litigation of concern to their portfolio. Additionally, clients may receive more immediate notifications in the event of major losses. Please see below for some examples and an explanation of each type of report.

Monthly Portfolio Monitoring Report

Robbins Geller's monthly monitoring reports provide detailed information about the fund's financial interest in U.S. securities class actions with pending lead plaintiff deadlines.  This report allows fund fiduciaries to make timely assessments of the fund's options with respect to a loss (i.e., do nothing and wait for a potential settlement and file a claim form or request a more detailed analysis of the case, claims and losses).  Each fund's portfolio monitoring report is unique and customized to provide not only the specific losses suffered, but a brief synopsis and analysis of each case included on the report.

Monthly Settlement Report

Robbins Geller's monthly settlement reports provide relevant information about settled cases approximately two months prior to the date claims are due. As with the portfolio monitoring report, the settlement report is customized for each client and provides comprehensive information to inform timely claims filing and ensure all potential recoveries from settled actions are maximized.

Additional Services

Immediate Loss Calculation
Appropriate transactional data for the fund is transferred to the monitoring server on an ongoing basis. Upon transfer, the monitoring system is able to provide fund trustees or their designees with a real time calculation of the fund’s losses. This information is key to many funds who want to know how they have been affected by a securities fraud, such as that which occurred at Enron or Parmalat.

Interim Reports
In addition to periodic reporting, the monitoring program also provides interim information to a fund, based upon the fund’s pre-set thresholds. For example, certain funds may want to be advised immediately of any losses sustained above a certain dollar amount, or a certain percentage of the fund’s holdings. Whatever a fund’s threshold for immediate reporting is, that information will be obtained by the fund if and when an occasion arises that meets its predetermined criteria.

Litigation Report
Provided to Portfolio Monitoring clients involved in ongoing litigation. The litigation report provides up-to-date information detailing the nature and status of all pending litigation of the client, and is provided in a comprehensive, written format for ease of presentation to board members.