Recruiting and Careers

“These cases require a lot of teamwork. You’ll find a huge support system of senior attorneys who care about your development.”

Amanda Frame, Associate

“I wanted to represent consumers and investors in complex class action matters, so I jumped at the opportunity to work with the best lawyers in the field.” 

Phong L. Tran, Of Counsel

“I work with some of the most intelligent and respected lawyers in our field. The firm’s culture encourages collaborative efforts and open communication at all levels.”

Kathleen Barber, Associate

“Immediately out of law school I was put on the Enron litigation team. I got thrown right in – and helped litigate the biggest securities case of all time.”

Robert R. Henssler, Jr., Partner

“My colleagues at the firm are among the most passionate, intelligent and persevering people I know.” 

Ivy T. Ngo, Associate

“The firm has the resources and reputation to take on the most entrenched corporate interests in America, and does so on behalf of everyday people I’m proud to represent.”

David W. Hall, Associate